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Re: Searching for...

Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>

> > 
> > Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>
> > 
> >   Greetings to all the denizens of Cheapside!
> >          I am looking for Lady Emma Lawless (yes, YOU Emma!)...please
send me
> > e-mail, as I don't remember your address from this weekend.
> >                    Thanks,
> >                            Lady Gabriella
> (emma still dazed and confused from the adventure of the bon fire looks 
> up with a winsome smile ands says something utterly witty and charming)
> Huh, Gabby.....
         *grimace* Uh....please don't call me Gabby!  Call me anything
you'd wish but please not Gabby! *grins*  I cannot abide that name!!

> can we do that moose song again?????
          Why not? *grins*  But not here...I think we'd just annoy
everyone in Cheapside if we did!  I cannot remember if you knew the song
or not.  I have the lyrics somewhere, so I could forward them to you.
> emma
> who's hoping to audition for a Big Red Gum commerical later this week...
     laughing herself silly!
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