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Re: North and South: The Statistical Truth

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <JSussman@Erols.com>

Greetings From Duke Richard!

Isn't "statistical truth" an oxymoron? :)
(by the way, I do computer generated stats for a living.)

A sidebar to the region definitions:

Remember that for a long time (tm), almost all of Maryland was in the
East Kingdom.  Our demographics, and region definitions changed
drastically when the rest of Maryland moved to Atlantia.

Several years ago, I did a geographic center based on the membership of
each group.  It would have been more accurate to do it by zipcode, but I
didn't have those numbers on disk.  This measure of center was just
Southwest of Washington D.C. Fairfax, Virginia to be exact.  Scary isn't
it?  What I really wanted to do was to further weight each individual by
the number of events they went to each year and then weighted by the
number of miles they drove to events each year.  If anyone has the data,
and I doubt that even the amazing Countess Elizabeth doesn't have these,
I'll generate the stats.

So what does this all mean?

I think it means nothing!  Each time we tried to create a fair (tm)
system, it fell apart because it relied on unnamed and unidentified
volunteers to step forward and run events on demand.  For example:  At
one time, 12th night was required to be in the central region.  (This is
around the time I was knighted [and, yes Wynn, 12th night was invented
before I was knighted]).

At that time Sacred Stone was just getting started again and
Windmaster's Hill was a seething hot bed of activity.  So year after
year, the monarchs would go to the officers in Windmaster's and tell
them they had to run 12th night.  

How would you like to find our that you and your friends were going to
run 12th night in perpetuity (sp?).  Well, it didn't take long for even
Windmaster's enthusiasm and volunteer spirit to wane.  Then we changed
the laws again to some other fair (tm) system.  (that's the we that
means the royalty).

Conclusion:  The important part of the current topic is that no one else
volunteered to host this meeting!  If no one volunteers to do something,
it doesn't happen regardless of laws and policies.

David KUIJT wrote:
> Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>
> Dafydd greets everyone!
> I am in an interesting position, for I have as my Lady Wife the person who
> has more access to data than perhaps anyone in the kingdom, and who keeps
> lists so complex that Henry Best used to use them to frighten his friends.
> Anyway, Elizabeth has kept data on Kingdom events since 1984.  Be not
> surprised!  She has stranger lists than that.  For example, I can tell you
> every single event, in every Kingdom, that I have attended since 1984.
> All I have to do is to ask her, and she will run off the data.
> With no more ado, here is the data.
> It isn't clear when the concepts of regions and rotation were implemented,
> but it was before 1984.
> MAR 1984 Laws
>   Regions:
>         Northern Region: MD, DC, VA
>         Central Region : NC
>         Southern Region: SC
>   Rotations:
>         Crown Tourney rotated S -> C -> N -> repeat
>         Twelfth Night: had to be in the Central Region
>         Coronation: anywhere (Monarch's choice)
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