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Re: North and South: The Statistical Truth

Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

Duke Richard said:

> Several years ago, I did a geographic center based on the membership of
> each group.  It would have been more accurate to do it by zipcode, but I
> didn't have those numbers on disk.  This measure of center was just
> Southwest of Washington D.C. Fairfax, Virginia to be exact.  Scary isn't
> it?  What I really wanted to do was to further weight each individual by
> the number of events they went to each year and then weighted by the
> number of miles they drove to events each year.  If anyone has the data,
> and I doubt that even the amazing Countess Elizabeth doesn't have these,
> I'll generate the stats.

Interesting. I would be curious to see mainingful information on the
population center of Atlantia; but I don't think the data exist. 
Elizabeth's data, in bulk, speak to University participation. That's just
not useful for this purpose. And using the membership roster wouldn't
yield the information I want, though it would be a good start. (I continue
to obstinately value someone who does an hour of service at each event
over someone who wrote a check to Milpitas. Both are good; I just value
the service more.) 

> > So what does this all mean?

> > I think it means nothing!  

> Conclusion:  The important part of the current topic is that no one else
> volunteered to host this meeting!  If no one volunteers to do something,
> it doesn't happen regardless of laws and policies.
God's Great Greasy Goatee! I find that I am in {gasp choke} _agreement_
with Diccon! Someone call me a doctor.


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