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Universities North and South

Poster: AtlantiaU@aol.com

To the denizens of Cheapside, greetings from Mistress Deirdre O'Siodhachain,
Chancellor of the University:

My verbose predecessor may have overstated my aims somewhat.

>>It is my understanding that Deirdre plans to do a southern UA every
>>winter. If she does that, she will succeed, and this problem will vanish
>>away to nothingness. All the south has to do is give her good sites and
>>come teach. The south already has a couple of excellent annual collegiums.
>>The two phenomena will feed off each other and both will grow.

While he is correct in that the presence of a University tends to increase
the demand for it, my aims and legal obligations are a little different.

I am not planning a southern University *every* winter.  My term expires in
July 1998 and by my reckoning that means I have one winter left in office.
 There is NO way I am going to go for a second term.  I enjoy teaching
entirely too much to sacrifice it for any longer than necessary. What I do
plan is to fully support the University travelling and being as accessible to
all Atlantia's citizens as possible.  A lower expected turnout for one region
simply means a smaller event (and that is not necessarily a bad thing).  My
duty as Chancellor is to see to it that University happens as efficiently and
enjoyably as possible for the attendees within the bounds of our Royal

I am currently seeking a site for University next Winter.  I have requested
Nov. 8 on the kingdom calendar (approval pending).  I would like to have a
session in SC or southern NC because I believe firmly that University should
rotate around the kingdom and we haven't been to SC for a bit.  The
University charter says we cannot hold two consecutive sessions in the same
geographic region.  We were just in the central region in February, we will
be north in June, and the south is the next logical stop.

I am sure there is plenty of interest in University in the southern portions
of the Kingdom; we just need to promote it properly.

But on to practical considerations. Be aware that the size and scope of
University now requires a lot of advance planning.  To get a catalog out a
minimum of 4 or 5 weeks in advance (if piggybacking on The Acorn) requires
the schedule be in place 3 months in advance.  That means the site and costs
must be known at least 6 months in advance of the actual date in order to do
an adequate job of recruiting teachers.  Eight months is preferable.  If I
saw a good bid for University next November today it would not be a bit too

What has this to do with North and South Universities? Mostly that whoever
presents a workable bid first is going to get the event.  Waiting until I or
my southern contact Lady Gwynwilf show up at an event is not going work.  As
has correctly been pointed out elsewhere, we are a very large event these
days and cannot be staged casually or at the last minute.  If any region of
the kingdom is feeling left out they should contact me and I'll do my best to
see that we schedule a session in that area as soon as is feasible.

Your servant,


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