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Re: War Hammer...

Poster: TismanBRos@aol.com

Greetings my friend!
Actually, the Vikings were not as widely known for using war hammers, as it
seemed sacreligious to Thorr... I have found a little documentation, showing
that the leaders of the Viking parties on occasion would in fact use a
hammer, to appease Thorr and bring about succesful raids and such.  The only
difference that can be found is that the later period hammers were more "can
openerish" in design.  The earlier hammers were used (by some Celts as well,
and least graphically put) to bash the enemies' skulls.  
You could see the differences of the older hammers only as having a wider
blunt side (approximately 4-5 times the width and height of the later
designs), and on occasion were notched to make a rough kind of stud or spike.
Granted, all of the research that I have been able to find has been slightly
helpful, but I have found no dimentions.  The most probable reason for this
is that I find my information through my religious beliefs, and the sources
based thereof.  I can tell you a lot about Mjolnirr, for example, but not a
lot about the hammers carried into battle.  The closest pattern that I have
found is way too heavy for me to yield effectively, especially on the field.
Do you know if the hammers are even allowed on the field?  I know that they
seem unaffective against sword and shield, but the reality is this.  A sword
may take several tries to hit effectively (blade side for example).  A hammer
yielded properly would take one hit to render an opponent unconcious, if not
dead ( in life).  A modified version (for the field) would make me more
comfortable with fighting heavy weapons, and may at the same time bring a new
angle in to the tournaments in general.
Well... I've run off at the mouth enough for now.  If you find a pattern, or
any information on if war hammers are actually legal combat weapons... please
let me know.   Thanx!

Tisman of the Black Rose

"They brought with them yells that curdled the blood, and savage hearts that
would refuse to lie down and surrender..."
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