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Ignore this if you don't know Arawynn

Poster: " Arawynn  KWienand-Vaughan" <arawynn@hotmail.com>

Hail and well met for the first time here, good gentles! I now have access to an
e-mail account!!! 

I can only check it once a week or so, so don't send timely stuff!
If you want to write, please put something in my mailbox!

I am available for advice on many 12th century Anglo/Norman garb questions, and
like to get cool song lyrics, too, especially if the tune is available, (on
paper or tape/cd.)

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall, A lady of a lady in Eleanor's Cool 12th century
court. ( seemstress, merchant, minstrel.)

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