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Pre-Pennsic Booklet

Poster: hfeld@ids2.idsonline.com (Harold Feld)

Greetings from Yaakov.

Someone forwarded the following:

>The above are only the instructions of how to preregister. You must use the
>official preregistration form. It is available in the Pre-Pennsic Booklet,
>slated for mailing the first week of March, 1997. You can try to download
>a copy of the form, in Microsoft works format from: <<<Not yet available
>Disabled for a while...SORRY.....>>> It must fit on ONE(1) page ONLY!!!!!

1) Is this true?  Only copies of the official form?  How are those who do
not pay the Milpitas Tithe to pre-register?

2) I have not yet received the Pre-Pennsic booklet (I do pay the Milpitas
Tithe, and have received Acorn).  Is it out yet?  Have I missed it?

(Much too busy to play these days *sigh* but hoping to get to Pennsic)

Harold Feld
Yaakov HaMizrachi

"Do not ask 'Why are these days not as good as the days of old?' This
question is not prompted by wisdom." -Eccl.

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