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Call for input/help for Roxbury Mill Country Fair

Poster: Dawn Skully/HNS <Dawn_Skully@notesgw.hns.com>

I'm looking for help and input for the Roxbury Mill Fair on June 14. We want to 
have booths representing our Arts and Sciences on the fairway and we need 
artisans to populate the booths. If you're involved in a medieval craft, and 
can come to our fair and work in persona, We need you. Our goal is twofold: 
spark interest in the period practice we are replicating and entertain the 
fairgoers. (if it works well, maybe we'll do it again sometime as a public demo)

The SCA doesn't have guilds so we're not calling these Guild Booths, but the 
concept is the similar. For each booth we'd like to see some or all of the 
following: ongoing project work - preferably by more than one person so nobody 
is chained to a booth and everybody has a chance to tour the fair, active 
demonstrations either planned or just because somebody asked, a display of 
required tools, raw material, available references, and finished product. If 
you wish, finished product may be sold - in persona, as it would have been at a 
medieval fair.  We'd like to represent any and all of our crafts. We need a 
coordinator for each booth (recruit/organize people, schedule any 
demonstrations you want to have, plan and carry out the set up) and people to 
populate the booths. We'd love to see Dyeing, Spinning/Weaving, Brewing, 
Leatherwork, Black or Bladesmithing, Armor making and repair, Woodworking, 
Lacemaking, Cooking, Painting, Poetry, Dance, and everything else that I've 
forgotten to mention.

Fairs need other stuff, too. If you have any ideas send them to me - we need 
them!!!!!! We've already thought of period games - field (open for ideas here) 
and table, jugglers and strolling or stationary performers. (I thought of Bear 
wrestling, but I'm afraid that Igor might not be willing to take on all 
comers). If any of these are your forte, please get in touch. If we get enough 
people, everybody can take time away from what they're doing and see the sights 
without leaving a booth unattended. Even if you live too far away to come on 
June 14, your input and ideas would be great. 

We've planned a nonalcoholic tavern where we will be selling period foods and 
drinks in persona. The tavern is being operated to benefit whichever SCA 
charity gets the most votes from the patrons. Buy something and vote for one of 
the charities on the list (if you'd like your favorite charity to be considered 
for the list please send me email telling us what it is and does and I'll get 
the info into the hands of the tavernkeepers). 

Please come and help make this happen. We need fairgoers, too - preferably in 
persona. There will be no fighting at this event but there will be much for a 
family to do together. The site is wet and large. We have 25 acres of farm to 
play with. I've not yet nailed the camping arrangements, but I'm working on 
them. Info to follow. It is designed to give those new to the SCA an 
opportunity to sample what we have to offer so start recruiting new people for 
us to impress. (I really think I've been a Chatellaine too long. Can't help 
myself, it seems.)

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