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Re: Rattan substitue

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

> Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>
> Just to add to this discussion
> We have had the inner most section of pipe fly out after a very hard blow 
> gets blocked.  My suggestion is to do away with the third pipe and fill 
> the center with "Super Stuff" spray insulation (a suggestion from Alaric 
> which worked well) and wether or not you keep the smallest pipe drill a 
> small hole through them and place a nail or stove bolt through all pipes 
> peening the ends flat.  Of course the nail needs to at the bottom below 
> the handle of the sword.  As to the flex I have been working on a few 
> ideas and will post what I have come up with.

I saw that happen at Ymir.  When I created mine, I used a small propane
torch to heat the ends of the pieces, this created a nice (and so far
unbreakable) weld.  It only takes 30 seconds or so to melt the inner layer
to the outer layer.  Though, I would recommend doing this *outside* as I
am sure the fumes are toxic at least. 

This solution avoids piercing the pipe(s) that might subsequently cause a

Duke Galmr.
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