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North Americ: some info

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

This discussion has seemed to have veered off into a debate over whether
of not Native American personas are a Good Thing (tm) or not, and who
should or shouldn't be calling names.  But we seem to have forgotten the
good gentle who was asking for help in constructing a Native American
persona.  Weather or not he creates such a persona is his choice.
Regardless of what he does, the SCA is a Westen European based society,
and any other culture will be "outside" the norm.  If anyone wants to
create an ooutside persona, then as long as they can somehow relate it to
Western Europe before 1600AD, then it's up to them and not anyone else.  
That being said, here are some resources to help out anyone interested in
researching this further.

Hudson, Charles.  _The Southeastern Indians_.  1976.  University of 
	Tennessee Press.  Knoxville, TN; 1994.
This one should still be in print and available through book stores.
Also, many university libraries will have an edition of it.  For
information concerning the Native Americans of our region (The SE), you
can't do better than Charles Hudson.  This is a great book.  It covers SE
Indian culture from pre- to post-European contact.  Highly reccomended.

Quinn, David B.  _North America From Earliest Discovery to First
	Settlements; The Norse Voyages to 1612_.  Harper & Row.
	New York; 1975.
I don't know if this is still in print or not, and cannot reccomend it one
way or the other as I have not read it, but just from skimming it, it
looks like it would be of interest to people persuing NA personas.

Also, you may want to try and contact David Moore.  He is an archaeologist
for the State of NC, and a very knowledgable man.  I don't know how to
contact him directly, but he works as an adjunct instructor at Warren
Wilson College, and you could probably contact him through that school
(704-298-3325, they also have a web page).  He is an expert in this feild,
and a very nice man.  I'm sure he'd be willing to talk to anyone
interested as long as he has the time.  He can be busy at times, as often
his digs are time-sensitive (i.e. "you have till June before we bulldoze
the site and build a parking lot"), and he has odd hours.  I've taken
classes from him, and benifitted a lot.

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