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Re: native American personas

Poster: Christoph Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

My Lords & Ladies,

This may be flogging a dead horse, but I wanted to get my twa pence in.  

Now for a small piece of Scottish - New World history:

In the year of our Lord 1398, Prince Henery Sinclair from Clan Sinclair
along with several other kinghts, assorted men at arms and other staff, from
Scotland sailed for the New World.  BTW, the re-enactment of this voyoge is
to take place next year (I wish that I could be on that crew).  During this
cruise and after sailing as far down the coast as Massachusetts from Nova
Scotia (New Scotland) a knight from Clan Gunn was killed in an American
Indian attack.  Said Knight was buried there with a stone to mark his grave.
This stone, which has been found and authenticated, was located there in
recent years. BTW it is engraved with the device of Clan Gunn.

During this same time period the chapel at Roslin Castle (then the seat of
Clan Sinclair and currently the home of the Queen Mother) was completed.  In
the chapel are stones engraved with figures from the New World (among other
things tobaco leaves).

Also during this same period the Knights Templer had a thriving settlement
in Nova Scotia.

By the way do not forget the Jamestown Settlement.  In 1613 Pocahontas was
taken captive and then taken to Jamestown.  There she converted to
Christianity and was baptised by the Rev. Alexander Whitacker (by the way an
ancestor of mine).  She married John Rolfe and went to England where she was
recieved as a princess by the king and queen of England.  She died in
England in 1617.

Also the first Lost Colony (there were more than the one in Roanoke) was
made up of Scotts, in Nova Scotia, during this same time period.

Like my Lady wife I will not even start to touch on the Norse exploration
and settlement of the New World.

All of this pre-dated the voyages of Christopher Columbus by a hundred years.

I am of the opinion that if a person was to dig deep enough they would find
more than just a few references to American Indians actualy travelling to
the Old World in period.  Please do not try to remove a whole avenue of
research and persona development, just because you do not believe, in your
opinion that it is not period.  This kind of broad statement of opinion as
fact has a very bad habit of returning to bite you in very serious parts of
your ego.

In Service
Lord Christopher Storme of Kintail
residing in Cathanar, Atlantia
Scholar of the Acadimie d'Espee

p.s. this IS the Christoph Hintze in tha address above.

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