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Re: fubawab

Poster: HsDarkRose@aol.com

In a message dated 97-03-26 10:45:51 EST, beckymc@microsoft.com (Becky
McEllistrem) writes:

>Goodness!  If there was half so much indignation over sex jokes at
>business meetings
>I'd attend them more often.  However, this does bring up a point.
>There's always the
>chance that something posted could easily offend but does it really
>require this strong
>a reaction?  When I hear a sex joke at a business meeting, during
>official meeting times
>I speak directly to the one that offends me.  (Although after living in
>three different kingdoms
>I seem to be the only one offended by the idea.)  I don't bring up
>swords and direct challenges,
>I don't generally make public postings for all to see. I don't make a
>big deal out of things that 
>truely offend me because I rarely find such behavior constructive.  What
>I find more constructive 
>is some general comment publicly and if it continues, a more direct
>private conversation.
>What I DO know for a fact is that Falcone is one of the gentlest,
>kindest supportive people
>I've ever met and could never intentionally harm anyone.  He does get
>into habits like all
>humans and may not be as soft spoken as everyone else, but I've never
>seen him intentionally
>wish to harm or offend anyone.  Just like my friends with the sex jokes
>at business meetings.
>Rebecca the Contrary

Well said my lady,
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