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re: Scottish Exploration of New World

Poster: Christoph Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

If any one is interested here is a list of resourses that should be useful
in researching 14th century Scottish exploration of the New World:

There is a web page is at the following address:


And here is a bibliography glened from a short period of time spent
exploring the above page and some others linked to it:

Prince Henry Sinclair Bibliography

Niccolo Zeno's The Voyages of The Zeno Brothers

Frederic J. Pohl's Prince Henry Sinclair, ISBN 505487, Library of Congress
No. 73-
79829, First American Addition published 1974, by Clarkson N. Potter, Inc. ,
419 Park
Avenue South, New York, NY. 10016 

Eastern United States Archaelogical Federation Bulletin No. 26, 1967

The Red and White Book of Clan Menzies, written by Saint David Menzies of Weem,

The Sinclair Diploma, written ca. 1410 

"Ancient Mysteries", 1993, by Robert Cahill 

"The Sword and the Grail", 1993, by Andrew Sinclair 

"The Hiram Key", 1996, by Knight & Lomas 

"Holy Blood, Holy Grail", 1983, by Baigent, Leigh, & Lincoln 

"The Guilds, The Masons, & The Rosy Cross", 1995, by Brydon 

"The Templar Legacy & the Masonic Inheritance within Rosslyn Chapel", 1995, by

"Wee Sinclair Legends", 1994, by Cummings 

Bloodline of the Holy Grail, 1996, by Gardner, $35 

The Sword & the Grail, 1993, Andrew Sinclair, $30 

Templar Legacy & The Masonic Inheritance ..., 1995, Wallace-Murphy, $25 

If there is anything else that I can do please do let me know.

In Service
Lord Christopher Storme of Kintail
residing in Cathanar, Atlantia
Scholar of the Acadimie d'Espee

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