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Re: scope of the SCA

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

On Thu, 27 Mar 1997, H L. Falls wrote:

>    Well, this is sort of a case of Your Milage May Vary...  Even as far
> back as AS 9 (when I first started playing) Elven personae were somewhat
> frowned upon, the logic being that (as per Tolkien, who, if I understand
> correctly, based his fantasy somewhat on Anglo and Norse folklore) Elves 
> are rarely seen magical beings of great power.  Claiming to be an Elf was 
> seen as claiming respect without earning it, somewhat like claiming to be 
> a Duke without ever authorizing to fight.  The few exceptions were those
> like "Morgan Elandris can't be half-elven???  Okay, *YOU* tell her!"  :-)

Hmmm...  this brings up an interesting question of perceieved reality.  My
mid-14th century Scots-Gaelic persona, even with his version of a
Christian upbringing, would have still had a strong folk-belief in Elves
and Faeries.  So, for me anyway, the possibilty of Faeries existing is far
greater than the existance of say, Native Americans.  In fact, having a
Elf walk up and introduce himself to me would have less of a dramatic
effect on my world veiw than having a Native American walking up and
introducing himself to me (or for that matter, an Elizabethan noble from
200 years in the future, or a Carolingian from 500 years in the past).  
	So, I don't think elven persona are a problem, as long as we REACT
TO THEM IN PERSONA.  If someone comes up to you and says, "Hi, my name is
Elyssa, Daughter of the Wind, and I'm 4000 years old" (actually happened
to me), then I would reply with, "Then you're a demon to be sure!"  I
would then grab the nearest cross shaped object, brandish it in front of
me, yelling "Back!  Away, fell beast!" while I cower in the corner waiting
for the cavalry (in this case, the clergy) to come rescue me.  These are,
after all, the magical creatures who kidnap and transform babies, lead
travellers astray in the woods, sink ships, cause crops to fail, etc.,
etc., etc. . .  A mere mortal such as myself would be scared to death if
such a creature as this actually showed itself!
	Of course, there is still talk in my village of the land of
Tyr-Nan-Og (Land of Eternal Youth) that lies across the Western Sea.  It
is inhabited by the fey, they say.  
	So, you see, even if my persona did manage to travel to the New
World and meet a native, I would most likely percieve them as a Faerie,
and be just as afraid, at first.
	Living in persona can be so much fun, and is usually a deft way to
deal with problems such as these.  (If I did act out the above scene, I
don't think many other elven personas would introduce them self to me ;)

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