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Re: native American personas (fwd)

Poster: TismanBRos@aol.com

Take this as you will...  several of the nations that I have had contact with
have "artifacts" that have been handed down through the centuries.  One of my
friends from around the Canadian side of Niagra Falls had something that I
really was interested in.  He claimed that it spawned from his 5 generations
past grandfather (I can't tell you either way, but...).  Interestingly enough
it was a wonderful pendant of sorts, although larger than any I have seen
The point is, it was a wonderful likeness of Mjolnirr (to those of you not
Norse inclined, that's Thorr's hammer...) with runes written on it.
 Interpretted, it held thurizaz (the rune of Thorr and Mjolnirr known for its
masculine traits) by itself, underneath roughly interpreted "protect me

Tisman of the Black Rose

"They brought with them yells that curdled the blood, and savage hearts that
would refuse to lie down and surrender..."
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