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Chronique #16 Questions

Poster: brian@chronique.com


There are new questions (well, new as of January, but no email was sent
out) on the Chronique website (http://www.chronique.com) relating to the
pas d'armes. We'd be very interested in your replies--answer either from
the website directly (its easier for us to parse that way) or via email. 

If you choose to reply, please include both your mundane and SCA names
and your mailing address, since we need to send you a copy of the
journal when #16 is released in June. Many thanks in advance for your
assistance--we hope you enjoy the journal!

Brian R. Price
aka sca Brion Thornbird ap Rhys

Question #1: If you have fought in or seen a pas d'armes, did it impress
or annoy you--and why? 


Question #2: Courtesy, sincerity, and pageantry are all showcased in a
pas d'armes. Are these virtues secondary to
prowess in a medieval knight? How about in our own knights? 


Question #3: Some have complained that the fighting in a pas d'armes is
often "scaled back," and as such, is not
reflective of medieval tournaments. Which parts of this statement do you
agree with? 


Question #4: When fighting a pas fight of counted blows, which form do
you prefer--number of blows thrown or


Question #5: Do you think the concept of the pas d'armes has any effect
on the attitudes of combatants in prize lists? 


Question #6: Should a 'winner' be chosen in a pas d'armes? If so, how
should this be done? 


Question #7: The concept of largesse is sometimes linked to fighting.
How could a combatant demonstrate generostiy
in a list field and should this be done? 


Question #8: Do you think that victory is different in a pas and a prize


Question #9: If a combatant is struck repeatedly with blows that are
individually too light, should they accept defeat
or not? 


Question #10: Fighting in a tournament, you are struck by a very small
opponent who cannot strike you any harder,
yet you think the blow was still too light. What would you do? 


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