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Re: [MR] He said, Sidhe said

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swannh@psi.com>

> Poster: William Morris <william.morris@sc.edu> 
> >Lady Rhiall writes: 
> >> Hope I'm not beating a dead horse.  I'm just catching up on mail 
> >> after delivering the baby. 
> > 
> >Please allow me to offer congratulations and well-wishes for the 
> >bairnie. 
> > 
> >> When approached at Pennsic a few years back by a lady wearing a 
> >> scanty costume and elf ears I responded with the concern that 
> >> my 12th century persona would.  I gave her some Atlantian coinage 
> >> and informed her where she could seek shelter, clothing and medical 
> >> aid from the good monks just up the road.  As she had a 
> >> horible affliction affecting her ears, and since she was terribly 
> >> poor by the state of her dress, I informed her that I would pray to 
> >> God for her recovery.  This no doubt helped earn me brownie points 
> >> in that long quest for heaven. 
> > 
> >Not according to the story of the Shoemaker and the Elves. 
> >The Wee Folk were happy to make wonderous shoes for no pay, until 
> >one night when they found some nice little clothes the shoemaker's 
> >wife had made for them.  They left, never to return. 
> >So, you see, you don't earn any points with the Brownies by 
> >showing concern for their plain rags. 
> > 
> >Was that lady at Pennsic appreciative? 
> > 
> >-- Alfredo 
But she was an elf, so the rules for brownies wouldn't apply...what's the 
ettiquette for meeting elves?


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