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King Rene' Chandeliers

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Master Dafydd ap Gwystl greets Cheapside!

My apologies for a commercial interruption; as Cheapside is a market
district I hope nobody will object to my crying my wares here.

In the hope of garnering enough $$ to buy myself shiny new rollerblades
for hockey, I am about to start a limited production run of simple
chandeliers.  The chandeliers are close reproductions of those visible in
at least two of the illustrations of King Rene's middle 15th century
treatise on tournaments.  One of these illustrations is reproduced in
Barber and Barker's book _Tournaments_, p187. 

The chandeliers are quite simple, made of wood, with small metal cups that
can fit four candles or small citronella/oil lamps such as are sold at
Pennsic.  They pack down for storage and transport.  Some of you will have
seen the pair of these chandeliers in my main pavilion at Pennsic last

I'll eventually be writing an article on the construction of these
chandeliers.  If you have a canvas or period pavilion, one or two of these
simple candleholders would be an excellent addition to your encampment.
(don't buy them if you have a nylon tent.)  I'm intending to sell these at
$15 each until I run out.  I'll try to bring one to events I attend so
interested people can see what they look like before buying them.

That's all,


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