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Re: [Banter] Literary reference, Huck Finn

Poster: blackbow@sprynet.com

On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com> wrote:
>So, you reason thusly:
>Major Premise: Any male is incapable of admitting that he's lost.
>Minor Premise: This child claims to be not lost.
>   Conclusion: This child is a male.
>It does not follow.
>-- Alfredo

PLEASE don't tell me I made the mistake of thinking that everybody would get 
that joke.

You know, joke.  A comment intended to engender yux.

I REFUSE to get into a logic debate over a joke.  They don't mix.

Ld. J. Blackbow
House O'Shannon
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