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Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com>

{emma runs back to the far wall were her tomahawk, hatchet thingie is still 
stuck.  Looking a great deal like Valerie from the Princess Bride she says}

Christopher M Dawson wrote:
> Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)
> Success!!!! I have found it, my brothers-in-arms, it is out there!!! It
> is silflex, S-I-L-F-L-E-X,  and it is at Lowe's.  It comes in 5' sections
> in the plumbing department [next to all the steel pipe at my local
> Lowe's] priced at $2.97 for 1", $1.98 for 3/4" and $1.38 for 1/2"
> diameters.  I am in the process of making one sword now.  If  anyone out
> there has an interest in gathering results from various sources  Crown or
> the Earl Marshal or just  plain want info, I'll gladly share what I
> learn.
> In Service to the Dream,
> Nikolai Bearslayer

You lyin' dog!!! I found it.  You didn't believe me, until another penis bearing creature 
confirmed what I knew!!!!! That it was right there next to the iron pipes!!!!
( you had to there to see this guy at Lowes, I mean the nicest thing I can say it that he was 
most probably a penis bearing creature :P )
And what is this "I" am in the process of making a sword????  What about my valuable 

A.  Men don't know the where-abouts of the tape measure or saw.   You will have to tell them the 
exact location. (now admittedly Nikolai doesn't live at my house, wait scratch that he doesn't 
keep that much crap at my house... however, both items under question have been in the living 
room for a good week and he has to look at them the moment he opens the front door)
B.  That that damn foam "Great Stuff" is the stickiest substance on earth.
Here's a good one 
C.  Rubbing alcohol will remove it from your hair. ( the sticky stuff, not the man) 
D.  Men who play Warhammer on the computer will forget they are in the process of "letting the 
foam expand" and leave Silflex lengths all over the drive way. 

I am currently waiting for the "Great Sword Craftsman" to complete his master piece.  I will keep 
you appraised of the situation as it develops.

Emma, Lady  Lawless...
Who before anyone freaks out, is really good friends with Chris Dawson a.k.a. Nikolai Bearslayer.
So in the words of my King... "Don't gimme no poo poo."
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