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Re: Southern Pricipality?

Poster: Ann Shelton <"sheltons@conterra.com"@conterra.com>

Neil Maclay wrote:

> I am curious. I have read a number of postings where individuals from the Southern region of Atlantia have expressed their feelings that they
are being neglected.

I believe it was primarily one poster from a thread about a meeting from
two others.

> Has there been any movement toward forming a pricipality in the south of Atlantia?

As far as I am aware, no.  From time to time there is talk of a Northern
principality.  As with either, there would be pros and cons. I believe
the prevailing sentiment in the south is to remain an active (as
possible) "region" of Atlantia where most of us feel well thought of and

Respectfully,  (and hoping this does not start a whole new rope of
threads about regional differences!)

Baroness Anne le Coeur
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for SC/GA
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