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Rapier for Sacred Stone Novice Tourney

Poster: "WILLIAM L. HAM" <web245@charweb.org>

	Unto the Fair Populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia does Lord 
Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar of the Academie d'Espee and Rapier 
Marshal in Charge of the Sacred Stone Rapier Novice Tourney send humble and 
heartfelt Greetings! 
		My Lords and Ladies, 
			I hope that this missive finds you all in good 
health and spirits. Spring is nearly upon us, and Tourney season with it. 
It is my sincere hope that all of Atlantia's Scholars will turn out for 
Sacred Stone's Rapier Novice Tourney , to be held in King's Mtn on May 
	The requirements for entrance into this tourney are as follows 
follows; entrants  must be Scholars of Atlantia, and have been for no more 
than a year. This will be a double-elimination tourney, with not one, not 
tow, but THREE victors. The first, and most important victor will be the 
Courtier of the Tourney, which is he who is shown most honorable and 
chivalrous as judged by a panel of attendant Ladies. The second victor 
shall be the Champion of Arms, which is he who defeats all other 
opponents in the tourney. And the last victor, the Thespian of the 
Tourney, shall be judged by all the entrants of the Tourney as he who has 
fought the most dramatic fight, or died the most dramatic death. 
	Those prospective Scholars who wish to Play their Prizes are 
welcome to do so in an authorization session before the Tourney begins. 
	I hope that all of Atlantia's Scholars will come out to 
participate in this most noble Tourney. And I hope that Atlantia's Free 
Scholars and Provosts will come out and show their support for the 
Scholars of Atlantia. And promptly following the Tourney and a few pickup 
melees, there will commence a rollicking game of 


	Be there.
	If there is any service I may provide for the Kingdom or it's 
populace, do not hesitate to call on me. 

			In Service to Her Majesty, Queen Ariellle the 
Golden, Her Highness Princess Bera Thorbjorn, and her Excellency  THL 
Rachel de Johnstone, Baroness of Sacred Stone,I remain

			Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar of the 
Academie d'Espee
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