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Re: Tourney of Ymir

Poster: "WILLIAM L. HAM" <web245@charweb.org>

	Unto the Electronically Assembled Persons of Great Rank and 
Importance does Lord Kheldar the Fleet, FS, send greetings!

	I am well pleased at having His Excellency, Earl Thorbrandr 
Olafsson (pardon the spelling, my Norse sucks) inducted into our sacred 
(?) and august (??!) Free Scholar ranks. I know that His Excellency has 
the courage and fortitude (and sense of humor) to withstand his prize 
playing. And all else I have to say about this is: God Help Him. (and us 
	If there is any service which I may provide, please don't 
hesitate to call on me. 

		In Service to Her Majesty the Queen, Her Highness the 
Princess, and Her Excellency the Baroness of Sacred Stone, I am

		Ld. Kheldar the Fleet, (damn proud to be a) Free Scholar 
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