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[MR] Any conceivable principality

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> The size of a Principality is set at 100 people. Atlantia has
> 1500 subscribers to the Acorn. We certainly have more then enough
> people to manage a number of principalities. Atlantia has
> thirteen baronies, and we could certainly have a number more if
> people weren't convinced that baronies have to have 100 members
> themselves (Corpora lays down the number 25). Trimaris I believe
> has only four baronies. Any conceivable principality of Atlantia
> would have at least two baronies.

I can't resist a challenge, so after a brief period of meditation,
I conceived of a principality with *no* baronies, consisting of
Cathanar, Crannog Mor, Hindscroft, and Raven's Cove.  I call it
"il Palatinato di Piemonte", although of course the denizens themselves
should arrive at their own consensus for the name.
> Multiple constituent principalities of Atlantia would solve two
> "Problems" with the principality concept. No one would wonder
> when the principality was going to become a kingdom, because
> obviously none of them ever would, and no group in the kingdom
> would be without its own territorial prince, so no one, even
> Isenfir ( :-)) would be left out.

I think people would still wonder, because "Principality" has
come to mean "proto-Kingdom", at least on this side of the Known
World. So I think a different word (such as Palatinate,
Margravate, or Electorate) should be used (although by the
Corpora definition it would still be a Principality (since the
Corpora definition doesn't care about whether it aspires to be a
Kingdom or not.))

Are there examples in the Period of Kingdoms that consisted entirely
of Principalities?

-- Alfredo el Bufon

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