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Re: [MR] Any conceivable principality

Poster: "Scott Dean" <nacspsd@acs2.acs.ncsu.edu>

> Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>
> I can't resist a challenge, so after a brief period of meditation,
> I conceived of a principality with *no* baronies, consisting of
> Cathanar, Crannog Mor, Hindscroft, and Raven's Cove.  I call it
> "il Palatinato di Piemonte", although of course the denizens themselves
> should arrive at their own consensus for the name.

Engaging in a bit of principality gerrymandering, are we? <grin>  
Kind of resembles the former 12th Congressional district except that runs 
NE-SW and this would be NW-SE (and covers more space).

To speculate on this further (with no intention of suggesting this 
principality as anything other than a mental exercise), would this be 
possible at all?  As I understand it, the associated groups would 
have to be contiguous in some fashion but if Windmasters' and Sacred 
Stone have a common border, there is no way to do this.  Do they?

Just spinning my mental wheels!

-- Manus MacDhai
   Kappellenberg/Windmasters' Hill

   Scott Dean
   NC State University
   Raleigh, NC  
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