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Border Vale Keep to Sacred Stone

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olaffssen,Maria Munitz,Giuseppina de'Materesi)

Unto the inhabitants of Sacred Stone,Greetings,
     While at coronation, it came to the attention of our seneschal,
Viscountress Elitha, that many of the fine people in the barony of Sacred
Stone thought that the distance between our shire and them was 4 and a half
hours.  We would be if we were Savannah.  We are only 2 and a half hours
away.  Take I-77 down to Columbia and catch I-20 down to Augusta,GA(N.
Augusta,SC.)  We are only 70 miles away from Columbia.  And our most
frequently used site is only a short distance from I-20. 
      So please don't let distance deter you from visiting us down here. 
The site is gorgeous and comfortable, and it has a small lake and
waterfall.  We are going to have an event down here in May, 1001 Chocolate
Knights.  It has a Middle Eastern theme and looks to be our best event yet.
 At our last event we fed over 170 people, so we have plenty of room down
here with good facilities.
     On behalf of the shire I would like to extend a personal invitation
for all of you to join us this May for a really fine event. 
     And since I'm the A&S officer here, please allow me to put in my two
bits.  There will be an A&S competition, ambiance (minimal documentation)
with a middle eastern theme (but all cultures are welcome.)  There will
also be entertainment during feast and a bardic circle later in the evening
that will welcome all who wish to perform, be they poets, singers,
drummers, dancers, fire-eaters, whatever.  All will have their turn.  Just
contact me if you have any questions. 
                                                In your service,
                                                Lady Giuseppina de'Materesi
                                                        (just Giusi)        

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