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Bread and Circuses Collegium Class Schedule

Poster: jthies@vt.edu (Genevieve)

Bread & Cirsues Collegium       April 12th

        The Barony of Black Diamond hails all to come and enjoy the beauty
of learning. Classes and activities cover the spectrum to entice all
prospective students.  
        Classes range from fiber arts to costuming to cooking to martial
arts.  There will be a break for lunch during the day where lunch will be
provided.  Other activities during the day  include boffer bouts, an Arts &
Sciences display of the Baronial Champion's Competition, and the making of
the Queen's favors.  There will be an auction following the classes selling
many fine wares.  Donations to the auction will be dearly appreciated.
These proceeds will go to benefit the Baronial Pavillion Fund, and supplies
for the cantons'  A&S classes.  
        There will be no fee unless for specific classes, but donations are
appreciated, especially if you are eating lunch.  Crash space is available
amongst the members of the barony, and there are several hotels in the area.
We plan on organizing a group dinner to a fine tavern that the Incipient
Canton of Cwmnewydd has to offer.  There is also a post-revel planned with
dancing and revelry.  
        The site opens on April 12th at 9:00am, and classes start at 10:00.
The site is bone dry and no live steel is allowed (college campus site).
The post revel, however, is discretely wet.  
        If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact
any of the following.

CO-AUTOCRATS: Lady Isabel d'Avignon (Genie Powell, 540-951-5332, genie@vt.edu)
                        Lady Genevieve d'Aquitaine (Jen Thies, 540-953-3114,

HEAD COOKS: Lord Liam McKlousky (Jeremy Grimm, 540- 951-5332, grimm@vt.edu)
                        Lord Aldred Blackwood (Mike Gann, 540- 961-3588,

AUCTION:        Ilse von Brenner (Kathryn Klawiter, 540-951-7307,

CRASH SPACE: Lord Aethelwulf Sigemorsson (Joe Sizemore, 540-552-0785,

Directions:  Take your best route to I-81.  Take Exit 118 towards
Christiansburg and Virginia Tech.  Follow Route 460  past the shopping
centers in Christiansburg.  When business 460 splits to head towards
downtown Blacksburg STAY on 460 west.  The next light will be Rt. 314,
Southgate Drive towards Virginia Tech.  Turn right onto Southgate Dr.  Take
your next left onto Duck Pond Drive.  There will be a red bush in the shape
of a VT at this turn.  Take the next right onto Washington St. following
signs to main campus.  When there are greenhouses on your right, turn into
the parking lot on your left behind a large building.  This is Litton Reeves
Hall, where the event will be held.  There should be parking around the side
of the building.  Please use the front entrance.

B&CC Classes


Period Songs for Stick Jocks- Byram and Niall
Cadeaux: Pen Flourishes- Duchess Catarina
Cooking- Lord Robear (tentative)
Garb Resources- Mistress Thjora 
Sticks: A Practical Application- Baron Corby and Sir Amalric


A Brief History of the 12th Cent.- Niall and Byram (?)
Illumination- Duchess Catarina
Brewing- Master Terafan (?)
Pattern Making- Lady Caia
Sticks: Pt 2- Corby and Amalric

12:00   LUNCH!!!


Elizabeathan Rounds- Lady Susanna Grey
Thin Band Weaving- Lady Lesair Burke
Autocratting- Mistress Keilyn
16th Cent German Garb for Women- Viscountess Leia
Rapier- Baroness Ceridwyn


Dancing- Lady Tangwystl
Advanced Pattern Design and Weaving- Lesair and Tawny
Poetry Survey- Mistress Keilyn
Embroidery: Stitches Used in the Bayeaux Tapestry- Lady Sine
Archery- House Flaming Bolt


Dancing cont.
Brocading- Lady Tawny (?)
Pavillion Rigging- Carlos Ramiro
Courtly Love- Baroness Ceridwyn
Archery cont.

4:30    AUCTION!!!


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Lady Isabel and Lady Genevieve

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