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Re: baronies/shires/etc

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

> > > That isn't just local perception. I was OUT AND OUT TOLD 
 > > > that Stierbach could not create "Shire orders." Not just that 
 > > > we couldn't register their names, they were NOT ALLOWED TO 
 > > > EXIST. Period. 
 > > > 
 > > When I was seneschale of Isenfir I was told the same thing about 
 > > shire orders and awards. 
 > Mmm, this is interesting.  I know our Canton is in the process of 
 > creating our own little 'order'.  We know it's not official in any 
 > sense of the word, and carries absolutely no 'real weight' with the SCA 
 > as a whole, but that's not why we're creating it.  We're creating it 
 > to honor those of our members we think serve the Canton in a 
 > special function. 
 > Even knowing that those involved realized that such orders were 
 > completely unofficial, they still stated point blank not to create 
 > them?  I'm wondering if our group will get the same sort of flak down 
 > the road... 
 > Julien de Montfort 
 >That's what I was told....granted, that was <mumble,mumble> years ago.....

I know that, six years ago, I was honored with the Canton of Elvegast's
service award.  It was a blade called Windfriend.  Each year it was passed
on, by the holder, to the next recipient.  At the time I had no idea it was
not offical or that it was taboo.  I was just delighted to get it and even
more delighted to pick the next person to be awarded.  It means something to
get an award from people that see you on good days and bad.  

In Service to the Dream,
Lora Leigh
the southern wilds of Attillium
Barrony of Windmaster's Hill

An ego is a wonderful thing to loose
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