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Re: FW: Why few fight for crown

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Greetings unto the popoulace of the Merry Rose,

Alfredo wrote,

> Under this scheme, Master Malcolm could enter
> the Crown Lists, along with hundreds of others.
> Then when (lets say) Malcolm wins the Tourney,
> he can announce that he cannot accept the title,
> and pass the princely coronet to the runner-up.
> That is the important thing, isn't it?
> -- Alfredo

Alfredo,  under the circumstances that you mention above, I could not and
would not support the Runner-up.  The sole purpose of Crown Tournament is to
determine who will lead this Kingdom, BY RIGHT OF ARMS.  The runner-up, by
default, is only second best, and therefore is not qualified, on that day, to
lead the Kingdom.  Nearly every person who has been King, BY RIGHT OF ARMS,
has entered ATLEAST one crown tournament before they have won.  King Cuan is
the only exception that comes to mind in the recent past.  Though the
runner-up may have his/her day at another Crown Tournament, until such time
that the WIN of the own actions, I will not support a King/Queen that does
not win this prize for themself and their consort.

This is my own opinion and does not reflect the views of any other, unless
they say so, and most especially is not meant to be taken as the opinion of
my Knight, King Cuan, King of Atlantia.

In Service to Crown, King, and Kingdom,
Lord Gaelan MacCuinneagain

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