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Re: baronies/shires/etc

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

>> > That isn't just local perception. I was OUT AND OUT TOLD that
>> > Stierbach could not create "Shire orders." Not just that we
>> > couldn't register their names, they were NOT ALLOWED TO EXIST. Period.
>> >
>> When I was seneschale of Isenfir I was told the same thing about shire
>> and awards.

Who?  A herald (evil, wicked creatures that we are), or somebody else?
Looks like it's time to haul out DA RULES.
Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms of the SCA, Inc.
May 1, 1994
Part I - Submissions Regulations

"Registerable Items
B.2.  Order Names - the name of a recognized society honor, order, or
award.  By Corpora such names may be only registered to kingdoms,
principalities, baronies, or equivalent branches.  Order Names may be
registered alone or may be associated with armory."  

Note well, good gentles, EXACTLY what those rules say.  I can't quote
Corpora, as I don't have one handy, but this Admin Handbook does NOT say
that shires may not create _unofficial_non-precedence_ bearing awards for
their own people.
In fact, let's  look one step farther down on that same page.

"B.3.  Household Names - By convention, this designation is applied to the
name of a group other than a Society branch or order, such as a household,
guild, group fighting unit, etc.  Such names may be registered either by an
individual _or by a society branch_ [emphasis mine], and armory may be
associated with it. <snippage of household registered by an individual> In
the case of households, guilds, etc, registered by society branches, these
records will be retained under the Branch Name of the branch for which the
items are registered."
>Julien de Montfort:
>Mmm, this is interesting.  I know our Canton is in the process of creating
>our own little 'order'.  We know it's not official in any sense of the
>word, and carries absolutely no 'real weight' with the SCA as a whole, but
>that's not why we're creating it.  We're creating it to honor those of our
>members we think serve the Canton in a special function.
>Even knowing that those involved realized that such orders were completely
>unofficial, they still stated point blank not to create them?  I'm
>wondering if our group will get the same sort of flak down the road...

Julien, by the rules I just quoted, Spiaggia Levantina (or Stierbach, or
Isenfir) CAN, and nobody has the right to give you flak about it.  You can
even register it and a badge to go with it.  Just don't call it an 'Order'.
 Call it a guild.  Your people will know that those who belong to 'The
Worshipful Company of Zort-Fribblers' are those who are being honored by
the group, and that's what counts.

Alanna Volchevo Lesa
Partan Pursuivant
Laurel Staff Minion
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