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Re: coats of arms

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

>Poster: TismanBRos@aol.com
>Question...  Is it really necissary to have a device registered to put it on
>your shield?  I thought you could put just about anything on the face of a
>shield to make it look spiff...

Lady Kat's two cents worth:
As a non-herald speaking primarily to newer members, might I suggest that if
you do not have a device registered, you consider painting your _group's_
heraldry on front of your shield?  That will allow others to identify you in
the fray, while preventing the faux-pas of accidentally duplicating someone
else's design.  You can repaint when your heraldry is passed.  (This does
assume that your group's heraldry is passed, which may not be the case in
very new groups.... Something to work on, perhaps?)

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