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Re: Shires in NC

Poster: David Rizzico <drizzico@appstate.campus.mci.net>

>>Lord Jonathon Blackbow writes, in part:
>>> That's why I know Sacred Stone, 
>>>     Nottinghill Coill, Black Diamond, Caer Mear, Windmaster's Hill, and 
>>>     Hidden Mountain, and I don't really think about Crannog Mor,
>>>     and Hindscroft.  They're just not VISIBLE. 
>>>And before the Hindscroft and Crannog Mor and Seareach people get on 
>>>     my case for calling them less visible, remember; I spent four years
>>>     Crannog Mor and I saw it all happen.  This isn't just coming from me; 
>>>     this is coming from listening to the Crannog Mor populace and seeing 
>>>     what happened to Hindscroft after they broke away from Sacred Stone.  
>>>     (And not even knowing about Wilmington in the first place!)

I really resent the fact that you seem to feel several of the members of
this shire are not visible.  If a groups' members feel they do not need to
publicize their accomplishments then they are no less visible than those
who do.... we are just less vocal about it.

Since you stated that you once lived here in Crannog Mor you might want to
tell us how long ago that was.  People change, people move (in and out) and
the dynamics of small groups are rather fluctional.  

>From one who now lives and plays in Crannog Mor and ATLANTIA


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