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Museum Search (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Dafydd ap Gwystl greets you all most heartily!

> The museums on the list already are:
> The Cloisters (Manhattan)

An excellent choice. Also, the Met. is playing host to a huge
number of Byzantine artifacts; Paul Halsall, a noted mediaevalist
at Rhodes, has said that it's probably the largest number of
icons and relics and other such thing since the Fourth Crusade.

> If you know of any collections that fit the bill, please tell us where the
> place is and give a thumbnail sketch of the collection if possible.  We
> probably won't be travelling across the Mississippi, so our search area is
> pretty much restricted to the East Coast, but we might make an exception
> for a really tremendous museum elsewhere.

Might I recommend the excellent arms and armor collection at the
Art Institute in Chicago? It's got some great polearms, a
mailshirt, a brigantine, and several complete plate harnesses for
field and tourney. I haven't even begun on the swords...
Craig Levin
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