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Weeble Myths, Legends, and Truths

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Asalaam alai qum!!
All praise to Allah, the Benevolent, the Merciful!!

When I came to this kingdom a little more than three years ago, a small
group of individuals I try hard to call men, attempted to incent me
against a group of fighters many here on this list call the big boys. 
Yet, I have learned the great truth: each person has had a different set
of experiences, won or lost, that forms their judgement of people.  From
these individual experiences comes the birth of personal prejudice.  We
are all so utilitarian by nature that this cannot be avoided; however,
those who let others make up their mind for them have, respectfully,
"left the building".

My "world view" of Atlantia is that we do not have a big problem with
rhino-hiding.  In fact, there is only one individual in this kingdom
that I feel is out and out dishonorable about blow-calling, and he isn't
a knight(and most likely won't ever be unless this changes for good).

I continually hear people claim that so and so just can't be killed and
I get nasty looks when I proclaim that he dies for me.  I get the same
nasty looks when I ask them why they didn't talk to so and so about it
and ask why they didn't take the shot.  I have had candid conversations
with several of our knights and royal peers about our fighting
calibration and have never, ever been put down for asking and have
never, ever been talked to with less courtesy than I deserved.  So why
don't these individuals ever talk to these people about it?  Why do
people make up a judgement for these individuals when they fight them
once in a blue moon?  For some, and only some, it would mean the death
of their greatest excuse for their deficient skill....."he just can't be

Since in another thread, six years = old-timer, I feel like Methusala
when I say I am beginning my fifteen years.  I have seen less
rules-mongering and less dishonor than I witnessed in other kingdoms in
which I have lived.  I have seen men who are unafraid to step back and
look at themselves and say, "You're right, Falcone, that one probably
was good.", or men who have called a blow wrong, realized that and
stopped the fight to say, "That blow to my leg you threw a few stikes
ago is stinging and I called it wrong."

In my own opinion, we don't have a problem with it.  If your opinion
differs, then fine.  I can deal with that.  BUT, if you don't talk to
those who you think missed a blow, if you don't introspectively measure
your skill, and especially if these are views you gleaned from watching
from the sidelines or listening to someone else, you do yourself, your
kingdom and your crown a grave disservice.

discussing it with me. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else.

Donald Wagner                            Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir
Raleigh, NC                              Barony of Windmasters' Hill
Lead Technical Instructor - WorldNet     Kingdom of Atlantia
<dswagner@attmail.com>                   <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>
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