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Re: Shires in NC

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

> Alisoun comments:
> Jonathan Blackbow wrote:
> >> I remember when Crannog Mor was the ONLY shire in Atlantia and everybody thought 
> >> they were NUTS for staying a shire...
> Jonathan, how much of an old timer, are you?
> When I moved down here Tear-Sea's Shore (where I live) was an independent shire and had been for years. . .
> And, offhand, I cannot think of ANY period in Atlantian history when there was only one shire. . .

   Agreed!  I know that Isenfir has been a shire ever since it quit 
being a Canton of Myrkwould (though I don't remember the date on that).

> Alisoun who is beginning to think she remembers molten rock in the moraine. . .
--Landi, who vaguely remembers the feasibility studies on dirt, but didn't
         pay much attention to SCA structure and politics...
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