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Re: Shires in Atlantia

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Alisoun the self-professed Older Than Solid Rocks said:
> > And, offhand, I cannot think of ANY period in Atlantian history when
there was only one shire. . .

Landi the Dirt Tester (unit or integration test?) responded:
>    Agreed!  I know that Isenfir has been a shire ever since it quit 
> being a Canton of Myrkwould (though I don't remember the date on that).

According to Dex it was 1976 or 77. Caer Mear became a barony in '78 if
my memory of kingdom history is correct, so the Stonewall Confederacy of
which Isenfir was/is a member should date back 20-21 years (to when the
Stonewallers broke off from Mrquud).

 who does not even predate Stew but asks questions of people who do, and
 tries to remember the answers.

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