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Re: Submissions (was coats of arms)

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Findlaech asked:
> Are computer-generated copies adequate for heraldic submissions?
> After thirteen years of playing with it, I think I finally have a design
> that will pass and that I like.  Being one of the artistically impaired, I
> sketched it in pencil, scanned it, and then colored and printed it on the
> computer.  Will this be sufficient, or is there a particular blessed form on
> which the color drawings (four, and one black and white, correct?) must be
> submitted?  I'm sure a quick overview of submission requirements from some
> kindly herald would be useful and appreciated.

Laurel requires two color copies; Golden Dolphin requires one color and
one B+W *outline*. Atlantian forms being what they are you also need to
send two "name" sheets with your cover information, even if you aren't
submitting a name.

I always suggest that both the submitter and the local herald who handles
the submission keep at least the name sheet and a B+W outline, in order to
reproduce the stuff if needed (and sometimes it is; !@#% happens). So my

# What               Subm. Local Kingdom Laurel
- ----               --------------------------
4 name/cover sheets    1     1      1      1
3 B+W outlines         1     1      1      -
3 color copies         -     -      1      2

As for computer generated stuff: I have seen submisisons come in on
totally computer-generated forms that closely resemble the standard
Atlantian forms, and they are no problem at all. Anything straight from
the printer would, however, have to have the pertinent information on it
to be acceptable.

Anyone out there have electronic templates?

Evan, Kraken Herald

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