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Re: coat of arms

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Lora Leigh writes:
> If I saw someone with a spiff design that was in blatent conflict with
> mine I would first ask politely that they change it and try to register it.

Good first move.

> If they refused I would head to the best herald I know and
> lodge a formal complaint.

This wouldn't be very effective. The heralds have no enforcement power
by themselves; at most we can provide evidence at a hearing. The proper
place to escalate a heraldic complaint beyond the interpersonal level is
to the most local royal representative -- if in a Brony then to the
Baron(ess), if not then to the territorial Prince(ss) if you have one,
or to the Crown if you don't. They are the only folks who have any
enforcement ability.


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