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Re: coat of arms

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

In a message dated 97-04-14 15:39:28 EDT, you write:

Baroness Pyrdain wrote:
<< We register so that you and I do not both end up being known by the same
   spiff design.
   Yes, it is necessary.
Reply to above: 

  Anne, that is simply false.  Some thing it is a good idea, and some don't.
  But it is NOT required to register arms.
 You really ought to label opinion clearly.  You *think* it is a good idea,
 but it is *not* a requirement.
 	Tibor >>

My reply to Tibor,

That is not an opinion.  Arms should be registered to use them within the
context of the SCA.  When I registered my arms I took the right to be known
by that heraldry.  I do not wish to know of others doing deeds in the SCA
with my heraldic name.  To disregard this rule is as rude as wearing elf ears
to an event.  If I saw someone with a spiff design that was in blatent
conflict with mine I would first ask politely that they change it and try to
register it.  If they refused I would head to the best herald I know and
lodge a formal complaint.  You might feel the same way if someone was using
your SS#, your licence plate, or your credit card. 

In Service to the Dream,
Lora Leigh
southern wilds of Attillium
Barony of Windmaster's Hill

in my common english:  White boxing bunny on green with three green snapping
turtles chief on white.  Boxing = sagent erect
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