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Re: coat of arms

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  That is not an opinion.  Arms should be registered to use them within the
  context of the SCA.

Should is not MUST.  Feel free to cite chapter and verse of Society law that
requires it.

  context of the SCA.  When I registered my arms I took the right to be known
  by that heraldry.  I do not wish to know of others doing deeds in the SCA
  with my heraldic name.  To disregard this rule is as rude as wearing elf ears
  to an event.  If I saw someone with a spiff design that was in blatent
  conflict with mine I would first ask politely that they change it and try to
  register it.  If they refused I would head to the best herald I know and
  lodge a formal complaint.  You might feel the same way if someone was using
  your SS#, your licence plate, or your credit card. 

You, sadly, are quite mistaken.  And no herald could do a thing about it.

The registration of arms, in period, was the exception and not the rule.
Check out the fine research by Pedro de Alcazar.

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