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Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

Christopher M Dawson wrote:
> Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)
> <<There is a fine line between CHARISMA and BULLSHIT>>
> Had an interesting conversation the day with a friend from out of
> kingdom.  He suggested using heat shrink tubing,  yes the same stuff some
> people use to legthen the life of their rattan.  Does any one out there
> have a comment on using this that way?
> In Service,
> Nikolai

I priced 2" to 1" heat shrink a few years ago and the cheapest I found it 
was $37.00 for a 4' length.  Silo-flex cost considerably less and you can 
force a turned piece of rattan down into the 1" tube and get the rigid 
feel that Silo-flex alone misses.

If I only had a lathe
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