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Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)

<<There is a fine line between CHARISMA and BULLSHIT>>

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997 09:17:39 -0700 Logan and Arielle
<logan123@charlotte.infi.net> writes:

>I priced 2" to 1" heat shrink a few years ago and the cheapest I found 
>was $37.00 for a 4' length.  Silo-flex cost considerably less and you 
>force a turned piece of rattan down into the 1" tube and get the rigid 
>feel that Silo-flex alone misses.
>If I only had a lathe

Your Excellency,

	I have just read your comment, and realized I did not explain
myself properly.  I will try this again.

	In this conversation, we were discussing the 'flex' of 2-4 inches
in silfex.  The suggestion, was in effect to heat shrink the silflex like
you would a piece of rattan. This, I believe, would take out the flex and
bring up the over all performance of silflex to a rattan like level.  It
would bring the price of the sword up to 30-50 dollars per sword, but the
price would even out over time as the heat shrink covered silflex sword
would last much longer in comparision to even a heat shrink covered
rattan sword.  BTW where did You find the 4' heat shrink tubing?  The
biggest piece I can find in my area is 3" diameter in 15 INCH

Sorry about the bolt problem !!

In Service,
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