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Poster: Carl Wylie <cwylie@conterra.com>

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose, Greetings!

		I have recently found a source for Silflex (Lowe's in Sumter, SC)  I have made a sword, and embarked on a rigorous testing in which I intend to attempt to destroy it, in order to find out what it takes to do so.  I am primarily doing this so that as Baronial Marshal (Nottinghill  Coil)  I can answer all questions posed to me by the fighters in my Barony, but I am willing to post my findings on the Merry Rose.  My initial findings are:

				1  The construction is easy.  and if  the smaller pieces are fitted slightly longer so that they protrude, appx. 1/8 of an inch out from the larger tube, the torch I used for welding will provide a nice, rounded weld with virtually no seams.

				2  The Sword tends to bend rather badly under heavy blows against the pell.  This is a source of slight concern for me, but I suspect that actual combat will not produce the blows that bent the sword (Has anyone else noticed this tendency?)  I was also hitting very very hard, much more so than I normally would ( I did say I was trying to destroy it.:)   I also think that the sword will regain its former shape, it does seem to have some "memory"  Time will tell on that score.

		I anyone has questions or would like to offer me some personal experience, please E-mail me at the address below, I want to find out as much as I can about this material.  

		Before I go, I have one question.  Does Silflex still require strapping tape under the duct tape?

		In service to Sir Moehammad Al-Kasy, and the Crown, I am,

										Thorkell Ulfsson
										Chief of House Ulfagardthr
										Baronial Marshal for Nottinghill Coil
Carl Wylie


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