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Submissions (was coats of arms) (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Findlaech mac Alasdair:

> Greetings good gentles and friends,
> These many posts on registering arms has triggered a question in my addled
> head.  Are computer-generated copies adequate for heraldic submissions?
> After thirteen years of playing with it, I think I finally have a design
> that will pass and that I like.  Being one of the artistically impaired, I
> sketched it in pencil, scanned it, and then colored and printed it on the
> computer.  Will this be sufficient, or is there a particular blessed form on
> which the color drawings (four, and one black and white, correct?) must be
> submitted?  I'm sure a quick overview of submission requirements from some
> kindly herald would be useful and appreciated.

First, we're going to have to see if your name will pass. No arms
without a name. Unless I spelled your name wrong when I checked
the online armorial, you've never registered your name. That's
easily remedied. We need to find documentation for your name, and
write it down on the cover sheet, which we'll need for any kind
of registration (we'll then copy the sheet-we keep one copy, and
send the other to Laurel). Then, we'll take your desn and see if
it's not in violation of the design principles and if it
conflicts with another person's coat of arms. We need three color
copies (one stays with us, and two go to Laurel-one with your
file, and the other to the Great Scanning Project), and an
outline drawing in black and white-and please don't color in the
dark areas. That's needed, because we reduce all of the outline
drawings and put them on the kingdom's letter of intent, which we
usually send out every month.

Next, we wait for several months. Since we're not perfect, we
send out the submissions to be vetted by the senior heralds for
design problems and conflicts with other arms. Once we receive
their comments, we'll respond to their comments. Finally, it will
go before Laurel (Jaelle for now) and receive its doom. At the
same time, we've checked your name for conflicts as well, plus
other problems, and it too has been vetted by the senior
heralds. It will come before Laurel at the same time as your
arms. Next, the news reaches us, and we'll let you know either in
the Acorn, or by a letter.

If at any time either the name or the arms get returned, you'll
also get notified. Sometimes, the name will pass, and the arms
won't. Sometimes, if you allow a holding name-a temporary name in
case your "fave name" doesn't pass-the holding name will be
registered; this is to allow you to get arms registered even
though your name might have problems.

Pedro de Alcazar, AoA
Barony of Storvik, Atlantia
Pursuivant Extraordinary and Junior Minion
Or, six Castles Vert within a Bordure Gules semy of Roundels Or
Craig Levin
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