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Re: coat of arms /who's underwear

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

I just couldn't resist!!!

<< >I agree with Galmr completely.  It is not the business of the marshals if
 >you tell them that a combatant has stolen your arms, your girlfriend, or
 >your underwear.  They are fighting-safety officers, not general purpose
 As a marshal my tendacy would be to buck such questions
 and disputes up to the autocrat of the event. The autocrat
 decides the scenario for an event and part of the scenario
 is the rules of the tourney in so far as they do not
 conflict with the rules of the list. As a marshal I would
 consider myself bound to back up the autocrat or remove
 myself from the event.
 	Malcolm >>
Dafydd and or Malcome,

We have established that it would be rude to insist on displaying arms that
are unregistered and in conflict with someone in the area.  We have even made
a point  that TRM may be the only ones that could act to stop this display.
 However, I am now confused about who I should go to if a lord runs off with
my underwear.  I would have to know for what reason the garment had been
pinched of course.   What should one do if someone takes your leg or any
other appenadge?  Of course that depends if it is on or off the field.  How
about internal organs...say if your heart were stolen w/ or w/o your
underwear.  I  had a girl friend stolen but I was only upset because she was
my ride home.  What if the autocrat has stolen both your boyfriend and your
underwear.  Is it rude to peek in and ask the Autocrat to get your boyfriend
to remove your underwear so that you can leave without him?  Provided that no
one has stolen the girlfriend you rode with!

Questing for Knoledge
Lora Leigh
southern wilds of Attillium
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