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Re: coat of arms /who's underwear

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

> However, I am now confused about who I should go to if a lord runs off with
>my underwear.  I would have to know for what reason the garment had been
>pinched of course.   What should one do if someone takes your leg or any
>other appenadge?  Of course that depends if it is on or off the field.  How
>about internal organs...say if your heart were stolen w/ or w/o your
>underwear.  I  had a girl friend stolen but I was only upset because she was
>my ride home.  What if the autocrat has stolen both your boyfriend and your
>underwear.  Is it rude to peek in and ask the Autocrat to get your boyfriend
>to remove your underwear so that you can leave without him?  Provided that no
>one has stolen the girlfriend you rode with!
>Questing for Knoledge
>Lora Leigh
Dear Questing for knowledge,

You raise amny questions. I will duck many questions.
If your heart or your lover has been stolen a marshal
can not help you. Unless you wish to take said marshal
as a substitute. The place for such questions to be 
adjudicated would be a Court Of Love.

	Your Servant,
		Malcolm MacMalcolm
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