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Tone of heraldry thread

Poster: rmetzler@nmaa.org (Robert Metzler)

Tanner is of course correct.   I should have paused and toned down my 
initial e-mail before sending.

What generated my ire is that Tibor put words in Anne's mouth, then 
proceeded to lecture her on the use of that word.  She never said it was 
a requirement, she said it was necessary.  

Anne said
"Milord Tisman,
We register so that you and I do not both end up being known by the same
spiff design.  Yes, it is necessary."

Tibor quoted Anne's email and said
"Anne, that is simply false.  Some thing it is a good idea, and some 
don't.  But it is NOT required to register arms.
You really ought to label opinion clearly.  You *think* it is a good 
idea, but it is *not* a requirement."

I felt (as I still feel) the tone of Tibor's response was entirely out 
of place.  Just as was the tone of mine.  My apologies to the good 
gentles of the list and to Tibor.   

That being said, I am still gathering my references to describe how and 
why the system of registration is necessary to properly re-create 
heraldry in the SCA.

I pray that I was, and I remain, in service to the dream,

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