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A question about the Sil-a-Flex experiment

Poster: "Gary Bryers" <gbryers@conterra.com>

	I have finally located a source for Sil-A-Flex in my area, and have
started the construction on my sword.  Having chopped off the necessary
amount to make my sword the right length, I find I have an appropriate
amount left over for a side weapon, be it a short sword, mace or axe.  The
question is -- is this allowable, and part of the test?  I have already
figured out that more than a sword-length would flex in an un-acceptable
manner, but in use as a short weapon would have advantages (not the least
of which would be using an otherwise wasted piece of material.)  So, is it
within the realm of the test to manufacture short weapons as well as normal


Donal MakBrair

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