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Re: To Knight or not to Knight?

Poster: Phillip Jones <jonesj@FTC-I.NET>

Burke McCrory wrote:
> Poster: Burke McCrory <burkemc@ionet.net>

> >
> >My Lady wife, an armored fighter of some renown, was discussing with me the
> >motivations of fighters.  I'll toss out to this list the questions that
> >were raised.
> >
> >When you joined the SCA did you want to be a knight?  Why or why not?

Not in the least. When I first joined I was fairly anti-social, and
didn't want to have anything to do with knights or any other "authority"
figure. I didn't want to do anything but rapier, and would not even
attend an event that didn't offer fencing. I thought heavy fighters had
had their brains knocked out, or cooked out by the sun. I thought the
dancing was stupid, and that  A&S was a letter short (s).

My attitudes changed pretty rapidly once I learned how to talk to
people, and now I am an enthusiastic squire, and believe that the road
to knighthood is an honorable, though difficult, one. I've learned that
dancing is fun, that events without ANY fighting are fun, and that there
is much more to both the SCA and Knighthood than fighting. I'm learning
to work wood, leather, and steel, to sew, and even the difference
between kinds of pleats. I'm also learning that many of those "authority
figures" are pretty swell people who make real sacrifices for the
enjoyment of many others. I've also learned that brains don't get
knocked out, that sense can be pounded in sometimes, and that the heavy
armor is less hot than some of my rapier stuff.

I didn't grow up in the SCA, but I sure think I've matured there:)
learning the principles of service, chivalry, and courtesy have made me
a better profeesional, and have widened my perspectives in arenas
outside of events and weekends.
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