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Re: Sheep Raids

Poster: Cole <j4j4u4wm@coastalnet.com>

RowenRhys@aol.com wrote:
<snip about Sheep raids>

Thank you so much Milady!!!!! Your kind words warm a former psycho
autocrats heart!

Well for those of you that missed it
you missed a fantastic demo/event!!!!!! We had a blast!
I want to publicly thank the finest staff any autocrat has ever had
Our Heavy Marshals: Nikolai Bearslayer( who came up with the 3 team
Lord Seamus Connachtach and THL Morgan Emrys

Our Rapier Marshals
Lord Daemon Broussard and Don Vyvyan Broussard who came up with the Barn
Burning Tourney 
Christopher Storm of Kintail who assisted as a Rapier Marshal in

A fantastic feast by Her Ladyship Lourene of Newberry!!!! and her fine
staff!!!!!! (including Cathanar who helped with serving feast!!!)
A fine A&S contest by Lady Kaille and Milady Genevia

Lord Efan and his Household for once again providing us with the best
bardic on the coast!
Ali ack-ben in the desert too long for Babaloooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the host of people who showed up to make Sheep Raids ix the biggest
best Sheep Raids Yet!!!!!!

>From a tired,stressed, and overly emotional autocrat

Emma, Lady Lawles

Ps I have a big olí lost and found to post later after I finish with
exams.... so if you lost something call me!!!
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